A Dream of Hope and Sorrow by Jonathan Crocker

A Dream of Hope and Sorrow by Jonathan CrockerA Dream of Hope and Sorrow by Jonathan Crocker
Series: Druid Saga #1
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 550

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The Reverie - a magically constructed world accessible only through a few ancient doorways. Sasha's new home backs onto a forest that houses just one such portal. The young woman's dreams have been strange and mysterious of late, and in the waking hours she finds herself travelling paths walked while sleeping - paths that lead her to the old stone doorway. On the other side she is immersed in a world of druids and magic and fantastical creatures. The stoic and handsome Desmond serves as her guide to this mystical place.

But there is a darker side to the Reverie. The druid clans exist in this simple world, vying to increase their holdings and power. Some of the clans are more devious than others, using steel, sorcery, and subterfuge to achieve their aims. Sasha finds her entrancing adventure suddenly halted when she stumbles into the conflicts that rage between clans. Even Desmond, a powerful druid, can't protect her when tensions break and war washes over the Reverie.

Sasha walks a path fraught with danger - both from the people who inhabit the strange world, and from the harsh winter elements that surround her. Armed with only her resolve and a somewhat rudimentary understanding of magic, Sasha is forced to fight for her survival, only to realize that she may have a much larger role to play in the events around her.

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