A Stranger North by Henry J. Olsen

A Stranger North by Henry J. OlsenA Stranger North by Henry J. Olsen
Series: The Northland Chronicles #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 146

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Arms. Every man has a pair. But not all arms are created equal.

Nine years ago the Desolation laid waste to humankind, leaving only scattered pockets of civilization in its wake. Now John Osborne drifts through the ravaged remains of the North, his only companion the six-shooter at his side.

When a young girl finds John unconscious in the northern Minnesota wilderness, she urges her village to help him. But while John is still bed-ridden, the girl inexplicably vanishes. Recognizing that the disappearance is no coincidence, John takes it upon himself to find and bring her back safely.

Outmanned and outgunned, John's odds of success appear slim. Little do his adversaries know that he has a turbo-charged bionic surprise lurking under his left sleeve...

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