All In: A Prequel by Ariele Sieling

All In: A Prequel by Ariele SielingAll In: A Prequel by Ariele Sieling
Series: The Sagittan Chronicles #0.5
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 107

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Quin Black is bored. All he does is work, sleep, and work some more. When he gets reassigned to the menial task of categorizing old, confiscated Doors, he slips back into one of his old habits--gambling. His first night out, the venue explodes and Quin leaves thousands in debt to the dealer. But the dealer makes him an offer--go through three Doors and find out what's on the other side, and he will erase Quin's debt, free and clear.

Meanwhile, Jo Nash wants out. Her father, a con man and petty crook, refuses to allow her to attend horticultural school and be a normal person. He would prefer she stayed in the family business. So when her father offers her a deal--do one last assignment for him and he will pay for her schooling--she jumps at the chance.

Together, Quin and Jo step through a series of Doors to visit other worlds, and not only find themselves caught up in a bigger mess than they could have imagined, they learn a little something about themselves along the way.

This soft science fiction novella is a prequel to the Sagittan Chronicles series.

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