Angel: Private Eye by Odette C. Bell

Angel: Private Eye by Odette C. BellAngel: Private Eye by Odette C. Bell
Series: Angel Private Eye #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 235

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Right and wrong will cost you....

Lizzie Luck is magical. Apparently. The DNA test came back proving she's from the otherworld.

She's unemployed, has 24 dollars in her account, and is so out of luck it's killing her.

Things couldn't get worse, right?


When she winds up in the police station and comes to the attention of the city's richest, most charming and most powerful vampire, her fortunes take a turn for the worse. Soon she finds herself under contract to him. She has to agree to his terms, and in return, he'll find out who she is....

From magical murders to dangerously attractive vampires, Lizzie is thrust headfirst into a world of intrigue, mystery, and fantasy.

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