Ariadne by Zoe Allyn

Ariadne by Zoe AllynAriadne by Zoe Allyn
Series: Ariadne's Kitchen #0.5
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 74

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A warm spring day, the man of her dreams, and a war against darkness.

As the Mother Witch's apprentice, Mariana Townsend is no stranger to the Spring Rite, but this year she's running the show and things need to go smoothly. With over a hundred witches and shifters expected to show, everything from arranging overflow parking to setting up the maypoles is her responsibility.

The last thing she needs is a distraction like Atticus Green, a mountain of a man with gorgeous eyes and a killer smile hiding the heart of a bear and the mind of a warrior. Shifters are too rough, too dangerous and too easy to lose. But those eyes, that smile...

When the Lacuna attack, an irresistible bear is the least of Mariana's problems, and just might be the answer. But will they be enough to fight back the servants of the Darkness, or be torn apart in the process?

Ariadne is the prologue to Ariadne's Kitchen (also available on Amazon) and features reckless shapeshifting, a possessive alpha, and hot, sticky messes.

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