ARMS: War for Eden by Stephen Arseneault

ARMS: War for Eden by Stephen ArseneaultARMS: War for Eden by Stephen Arseneault
Series: ARMS #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 287

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Just want to make a living? How about not dooming the rest of mankind in the process...

Harris Gruberg and Tawnish Freely, former Biomarines with the Domicile Defense Force, have been out of work since the centuries-old war with New Earth came to an end two years prior. Genetically engineered and trained for war, they lack the knowledge and experience needed to live among a civilian population.

Getting involved in the illegal arms trade offers the promise of working with something they know-- weapons. When the profits from their efforts run wild, they soon find out acquiring wealth so easily comes at a high cost. Will their mistakes bring a return of the Great War?

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