Ask Me Again by Kara Kinsley

Ask Me Again by Kara KinsleyAsk Me Again by Kara Kinsley
Series: Ask Me Again #1
Genres: Christian, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 62

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Devin Grant had his future all figured out. Fight fires in his hometown until he could save the money to go off to college and become an Arson Investigator. He was going to leave his small town behind for something bigger and better. Until someone from his past walked back into his life.

Tricia Green had dreamed of leaving her run of the mill small town for as long as she could remember. All she wanted was to get away from the dead end life she lived with her alcoholic mother and never present father. More than anything, she wanted to head off to college and pursue her dream of being a physical therapist. But fate had other plans. Plans that would change her life forever.

One thought on “Ask Me Again by Kara Kinsley

  1. Just Fascinating! This was an amazing read from start to finish. The story appeared to be taken from the headlines and it provided us a window to peer into the linked lives of the characters. Completed this book in 3 days throughout holiday. Excellent read … I also suggest to read Cathie Monroe . Thanks P.S: I appreciate your work.

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