Atlantis Twisting Tides by Allie Burton

Atlantis Twisting Tides by Allie BurtonAtlantis Twisting Tides by Allie Burton
Series: Lost Daughters of Atlantis #4.5
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 66

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When a girl gets caught in a hurricane of love…

An Atlantean shouldn’t save a human. Not if she risks exposing her existence. Yet Adria can’t help feeling sorry for the poor male left stranded on a sinking sailboat in the middle of a horrific storm. He is awfully cute.
Impulsively, stupidly, suddenly, she saves him.
Pretending to be stranded on an island with this guy, Adria decides Kai is far more than cute. Funny, wise and appreciative, he’s exactly what she’s always wanted for a mate. But there are two things wrong with him. He’s not Atlantean. And he has nasty friends who hate her and her family. How can she allow herself to fall for Kai when he’s working with the enemy?

This is a free prequel to the final book in the Lost Daughters of Atlantis young adult fantasy action adventure novel series. Each of the books stands alone.

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