Betting on You by Jessie Evans

Betting on You by Jessie EvansBetting On You by Jessie Evans
Series: Always a Bridesmaid #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 292

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And then fate stepped in, in the form of six feet, two inches of old flame...

Lark March is over Mason Stewart, so over him she's practically forgotten the cruel way he ended things four years ago. At least that's what she's told her sisters...

But when Mason shows up at her best friend's wedding, talking sweet and looking even sweeter, Lark can't deny the man still gets to her. Mason was always The One, the only man who could make her heart race and her bones melt. But can Lark possibly trust him again?

Mason Stewart is a changed man, a man who knows what he wants and won't stop until he's convinced the only woman he's ever loved that they're meant to be. He persuades Lark to give him seven days, and seven dates, to remind her why they belong together.

But between small town gossip and her sisters' meddling, Lark and Mason might need a miracle to make things work.

Then again, what's more miraculous than true love?

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