Black Annis: Demon Hunter by Aubrey Law

Black Annis: Demon Hunter by Aubrey LawBlack Annis: Demon Hunter by Aubrey Law
Series: Revenge of the Witch #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 212

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Hell has no fury like a Black Witch betrayed

The legendary and dreadful witch Black Annis rises again after she was brutally executed and snatches the body of an unsuspecting young woman in modern Los Angeles. Annis must adapt to the new world after four-hundred years of torment in the Lake of Fire and her hatred of the Priesthood with their demon allies is eternal. The hunt for her enemies has begun but the woman's body she selfishly possessed will change Annis in ways she never imagined possible. Can a Black Witch's cold empty heart ever know love?

Powerful Necromancers, deadly Archdemons, and even the angels of Heaven all want to spill the blood of Black Annis. Those who seek to kill her will not rest until she is dead again and her dark soul is returned to the Lake of Fire.

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