Blood Guardians by Heidi Willard

Blood Guardians by Heidi WillardBlood Guardians by Heidi Willard
Series: Blood Guardians #1
Genres: Historical, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 213

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They are untouched by time, and ravaged only by silver, the sun, and decapitation. They travel where they will and take to themselves humans to be their eternal companions.

One such creature, a vampire with the appearance of a young man, finds himself in a small, dusty town in Ohio in 1837. There the Blood Moon, an ancient force spoken only in legends, forces him to take an unwilling young woman as his eternal companion. They are bound by their blood relationship, and he must now protect her as her Blood Guardian against those who seek to do them harm.

The first part to the four-part New Adult paranormal romance Blood Guardians series. The first book is set in the western United States of the 1830s.

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