Bryony’s Destiny by Karla Gracey

Bryony’s Destiny by Karla GraceyBryony's Destiny by Karla Gracey
Series: Faith Creek Brides #1
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 56

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It had never crossed Bryony Shaw’s mind that she would ever leave Baltimore and her safe, if somewhat mundane, life in service. But when she is forced to become the nanny of her employer’s son, Edwin, it sparks something inside her that had lain dormant for many years.
Memories of her own childhood and the pain of being orphaned and abandoned herself, lead her to find the courage to confront them about their lack of care for their son, regardless of the consequences.
Cody Jenkins is a man who has always taken his chances, never shying away from the hard decisions in life. But his determination to succeed has meant that other parts of his life have suffered.
Secretly, he longs for a family and especially for a wife to love and be loved by. He had so nearly had it all, but when it all went wrong, years ago, he ran away and nursed his wounds alone.
Will Cody ever allow anyone to get close to him again? And could two lives, hundreds of miles apart, be on a collision course they could never have foreseen?

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