Changing of the Guard by James Farner

Changing of the Guard by James FarnerChanging of the Guard by James Farner
Series: Pomp and Poverty #1
Genres: Historical, Thriller
Pages: 312

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Queen Victoria ascends the throne in 1837 and heralds in a new era of prosperity for the British Empire. Whilst the great Norlong and Ebonson families fly the flag for the British Empire, Edward Urwin spends his time scratching pieces of art into the cobblestones of Birmingham.

Life is straightforward for Edward until a strange old man approaches him in the street. With the help of Henry Beechworth, Edward learns to read and use his special talents to win a place at St. John’s Boarding School.

But it isn’t all down to good fortune. Edward doesn’t realise he’s under control of forces far more powerful than him. Forces that are determined to shape him in their image. Forces that are determined to bury the mystery of the demise of the Urwin family for good…

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