Claimed By The Crew by Verity Vixxen

Claimed By The Crew by Verity VixxenClaimed By The Crew by Verity Vixxen
Series: Lust On The High Seas #4
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 39

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The year is 1789, and Will Sharpe, a cabin boy aboard a trading ship bound for India, is about to face his initiation. Will has no idea what his initiation might entail, and no one will tell him anything, except that he will be subjected to unspeakable acts . While his looming initiation keeps Will's mind occupied, stern Captain Storm intends to ensure that the other offices find Will satisfactory, in more than just his duties aboard the ship!

In the meantime, the beautiful blond-haired Jon Dark struggles against his jealousy at all the attention Will is receiving. He wants Will all to himself, and even though he knows Will can't help his attraction to other men he still intends to try and make Will all his.

Featuring oral and back door encounters, multiple partners and a smattering of romance, Claimed By The Crew is intended for mature audiences.

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