Close Kept Enemies by Aleia Latay

Close Kept Enemies by Aleia LatayClose Kept Enemies by Aleia Latay
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 89

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What’s the definition of a friend? Well to Na’riah, Tavia and Shaneeka it meant having one another’s back like true sisters. However, somewhere along the way they each got different perceptions of the meaning “Friend.”
Tavia is at the point where she’s done faking the love and wants to do her own thing. The Hood life gives her a thrill but she has noticed that her once friends have been forgetting where they come from.
Shaneeka simply wants more out of life than a street rep. Being known to throw hands with her two besties is getting old. Only she’s too afraid to change of fear of what her girls might think.
Na’riah has been through it all. Some of her biggest deep dark secrets were not even told to her friends. She’s never kept anything from either one of them up until a few years ago. Unhappy with herself, she hides her true feelings behind forced smiles and act as if her trials and dark secrets don’t eat away at her. One of the secrets could cost her the friendship she cherishes the most. Not wanting to lose anyone else in her life she refuses to speak on the dirty little secret.
With each of them slowly changing the friendship is being torn apart. Once the truth finally gets revealed nothing will ever be the same. Sometimes years of knowing a person doesn’t mean they won’t ever switch up. Who we believe to be our true friends just may have been close enemies all along. Watch as these three young women go from being day ones to cold hearted enemies.

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