Curefinder by John Hennessy

Curefinder by John HennessyCurefinder by John Hennessy
Series: Black Bloods #0.5
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 124

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Before Aberdeen’s blood ever turned black, her father embarked on a quest to rescue her mother in this novella prequel to Black Blood.

Fifteen years ago, Clyde Aldridge failed Tamara Dareday. Instead of using his magic to save her from Blackthorn, the secret agency that hunts down paranormal creatures, he stood by and watched as a task force hauled her away. Tested endlessly because of her unique gifts, she endures with little hope of ever escaping. But when a space probe sends an image that will shape the future of humanity, Clyde sets out on a mission to free Tamara from her imprisonment and inevitable execution. Confronting his past, he now battles time, the supernatural, and a new threat that may prove unstoppable.

A cross-genre adventure unlike anything you’ve ever read before. For fans of both paranormal fantasy and sci-fi.

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