Decker and Joy by Elle Rush

Decker and Joy by Elle RushDecker and Joy by Elle Rush
Series: North Pole Unlimited #1
Genres: Christian, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 153

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Strange things are afoot at Kitten Caboodle as the Christmas season approaches, and Joy McCall isn’t talking about the fuzzy paws of the new foster animals under her care. Between the strange kitten adoption requests, and the ransacked shelves every time she turns her back, she’s certain a mysterious force is at work. And his name might be Decker.

Private detective Decker Harkness is on the hunt for an experimental prototype from North Pole Unlimited that accidentally got shipped out in a box of pet toys. His investigation leads him to Joy and her posse of furry sidekicks. Luckily for him, his case seems intertwined with hers, so he can spend more time romancing the unsuspecting, pretty cat lady while he works.

When three of Joy’s cats are kitten-napped, Decker and Joy join forces to lead a rescue operation. Can they find them and bring them home to their new family for the holidays?

Only Santa knows.