Demons & Dracaena by A.L. Tyler

Demons & Dracaena by A.L. TylerDemons & Dracaena by A.L. Tyler
Series: Hawthorn Witches #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 94

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Annie Hawthorn's life is a living hell. She's about to graduate from high school in beautiful Bellmoral, Colorado, but she's caught the eye of the campus mean girl. In order to get back at her, Annie unleashes a little hell of her own when she discovers her late aunt’s grimoire.

Now that there's a demon on the loose, things aren't so funny. Annie's best friend has been turned into a cat. She's doing her homework in hell. Her after school job at the greenhouse is punctuated by frequent demonic interruptions.

But it's worse than that, because Charlie, the demon, claims that her aunt isn't dead, and she owes him a debt. And until Annie can find her, he's holding her life ransom.

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