Dissever by Tracey Ward

Dissever by Tracey WardDissever by Tracey Ward
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 278

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Anna has her life mapped out for her. A pawn in her father's game, she goes where she's told and does as he says. And she'll marry who he tells her to marry.

Roarke is an outsider. A member of a mysterious clan living at the edge of the distant wood, he would do anything for Anna. For the childhood friend he can know only in secret. For the girl he's loved all his life.

But as Anna's inevitable fate draws near, they'll discover that nothing is as it seems. That the secrets and lies that have kept them apart are what will ultimately draw them together.

And that even death itself can't tear them apart.

*A Gothic fantasy romance based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem 'Annabel Lee'

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