Dividers by Travis Adams Irish

Dividers by Travis Adams IrishDividers by Travis Adams Irish
Genres: Paranormal, Thriller
Pages: 610

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Dividers is a standalone novel that pays homage to stories told by Stanley Kubrick.

Billionaire Jacob Calbraw has just started a relationship with famed singer Celeste Marie. Their forbidden love affair has stirred the wrath of Jacob’s father Earl Calbraw. Since the two billionaires have been at war for years, and Earl still has Celeste under contract, the situation comes to a head in rapid fashion.

To further complicate things, Jacob awakens frequently in odd places, having lost several hours from his memory. He finds himself in a filthy Brooklyn, New York bar bathroom, and notices that his body is badly beaten. After a bit of reflection, he recalls kidnapping a little girl, and locking her away somewhere. Though he cannot put together all of the details.

As the story churns forward at a breakneck pace, Jacob begins to learn that things should not be taken at face value. It seems that something dark has overtaken his mind, and the source isn’t clear. Has he been possessed by some malignant force, or succumbed to madness from twelve years of grieving for his missing mother? With each passing day the young man must question whether events are taking place in the real world, or if he is just riding the demon. Is he experiencing these incredible things, or is someone systematically hijacking his mind?

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