Do Not Tell Me No by Kathryn Jane

Do Not Tell Me No by Kathryn JaneDo Not Tell Me No by Kathryn Jane
Series: Intrepid Women #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 318

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Trust, is not about being comfortable.

Cassandra, a mature, kick-ass woman, is determined to find her family, in spite of a crazy horse, a mysterious helicopter, a frustrated hero and farcical felons.
She has depended on her instincts and a good sense for years. But when her life suddenly goes sideways, she begins to wonder if her judgment is being clouded by the chemistry between her and a sizzling hot mystery man.

Gage’s assignment is to protect the woman, but she’s got him twisted up like a pretzel and second guessing every move he makes.
Cass is ready to climb over anything in her way, but Gage is a master at roadblocks.

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