Dragon Rebel by Ava Catori

Dragon Rebel by Ava CatoriDragon Rebel by Ava Catori
Series: Rebel Dragons Motorcycle Club #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 78

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He scares me. He’s got history. A biker with a violent past. I need to stay away.

Why can’t I stop thinking about him? His raw grit and power pull me in like a magnet. I can’t stop staring at his massive, hard body. I’m drawn in like a fish to a baited hook. His confidence consumes me. One lonely night, I finally gave in. Now he fills my every fantasy, but he’s the poison that will kill me. God help me, I’m wearing down.

She’s mine. She just doesn’t know it yet. She lit a fire inside of me.

I’m going to capture her heart and soul. She’ll beg me not to let go. I’ll do whatever it takes, and I won’t stop until she’s in my arms where she belongs. I’ll make her understand there’s only one choice, and I won’t be denied. There’s nowhere to run that I won’t find her. She’s mine.

She’s a single mom. He’s been in trouble more times than most. Can this oil and water couple find their way to happiness? Grab this engaging motorcycle club romance and get swept up into Yukon’s world. Read a Rebel Dragons MC Biker Romance today.