Drastic Measures by Bobby Hutchinson

Drastic Measures by Bobby HutchinsonDrastic Measures by Bobby Hutchinson
Series: Doctor 911 #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 314

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Does Medical Romance Make Your Temperature Rise?

Doctor Alexandra Ross loves her job in the ER of Vancouver's St. Joe’s Hospital.
She loves her policeman husband, Sergeant Cameron Ross.
But Cameron isn’t telling her the whole truth about the dangers of his undercover work.
Alex doesn’t know that the transfer to a small inland town can be a life or death issue for Cam.
The love of her life is changing the life she loves--and he won't tell her why.
If she wants her marriage to work, she’ll have to move with him, give up the excitement and challenge of the ER to become a GP in a hospital where no one seems to want her services. And that means leaving behind an injured brother who needs her, and a group of co-workers who’ve become her family.
Can she accept a new way of life, and a new kind of husband?

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