Eligible Billionaire by Mac Flynn

Eligible Billionaire by Mac FlynnEligible Billionaire by Mac Flynn
Series: Alpha Mated #1
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 71

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Dakota Combes’s life of paperwork and boredom is about to come to a sudden and romantic end courtesy of her handsome and wealthy boss, David Dives. He’s the playboy of the floors, a wealthy bachelor with a penchant for female company, but she’s lost in the crowd of beautiful faces that surround her cubicle. All that changes one fateful full-moon night when she stumbles on his hair-raising secret, and stumbles into his dark, sensual world of the paranormal.

The Alpha Mated series is an episodic serial where each book contains a conclusive story within an over-arching tale of sensual fun.

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