Enchanted Secrets by Kristen Middleton

Enchanted Secrets by Kristen MiddletonEnchanted Secrets by Kristen Middleton
Series: Witches of Bayport #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 231

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A modern day tale of romance, mystery, and witches.

When shy, eighteen-year-old Kendra meets the new guy at school, Tyler, she can't help but be drawn to his irresistible charms. Later, she agrees to visit his family's new shop, Secrets, and is drawn into a world that takes her breath away. Unfortunately, where magic reigns, so does danger, and she is forced into an adventure that leaves her racing against the clock to stop an evil curse.

There is a cliff-hanger.
A magic story with a spine-tingling twist, for adults or teens who enjoyed Harry Potter...

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