Ensnare by Mac Flynn

Ensnare by Mac FlynnEnsnare by Mac Flynn
Series: The Librarian’s Lover #1
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 44

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Leslie Faulkner spends her days dreaming of romance and seduction, and her nights working at the college library to support her schooling. She longs for a love that would consume her body and soul, a romance that would take her away from the endless drudgery of her dull existence. Her fathomless boredom among the dusty tomes changes when a book is dropped into the library return slot. She has no idea who it belongs to, but several encounters with its terrifyingly delightful powers leaves her breathless and longing for more of its unique skills.

Leslie takes drastic measures to ensure the book doesn’t slip through her fingers, and her actions start her down a road of danger and pleasure.

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