ExtraOrdinary by Danielle K Girl

ExtraOrdinary by Danielle K GirlExtraOrdinary by Danielle K Girl
Series: Extra #1
Genres: Paranormal, Thriller
Pages: 322

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Ryder Carlsson can hear the shadows whisper. And they are calling her name.
Olessia is a runaway with a secret so dangerous, it could destroy worlds.
When the two girls meet, an extraordinary adventure is set to begin.

In the shadowy halls of Clarendon House Ryder stumbles upon a mysterious stranger. Olessia is a girl like no one else on Earth. Powerful and hot-tempered, she is on the run, determined to escape the fate that awaits her.

But Olessia's enemies are not about to let her slip away, and they are prepared to tear our world apart to find her.

Caught up in the chaos, Ryder and her friends must fight to stay one step ahead of the terrifying, otherwordly creatures sent to destroy Olessia.

But just who is Olessia truly running from?
The whispering shadows know the answer. Is Ryder brave enough to listen?

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