Falling Star by Kara Kinsley

Falling Star by Kara KinsleyFalling Star by Kara Kinsley
Series: Westward Bound #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 117

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The last place on Earth Melissa Darby ever wants to be is the family ranch, but healing from her recent break-up requires a change of pace for a city girl like her. Following her sister's suggestion, Melissa uses the opportunity to reconnect with her family and, hopefully, her true self while on the ranch.

Life outside of the city proves to be quite the experience for Melissa. The well-manicured, high heel wearing, up and coming actress quickly learns that a ranch is no place for a girl like her.

While the rough and tumble cowboys tease her, Melissa is surprised to find one that seems different from all the others, but learning to trust him is going to require a lot more than a friendly smile. Jason could be the one thing she needs in her life, but Melissa's mistrust following her recent breakup will be one very steep hill to climb.

Is Jason willing to work hard to win Melissa over and is Melissa ready to open her heart for a real chance at love?

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