Girl Undercover: Duplicity by Julia Derek

Girl Undercover: Duplicity by Julia DerekGirl Undercover: Duplicity by Julia Derek
Series: Girl Undercover #0.5
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery
Pages: 383

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Annika Hansson's real name is Gabi Longoria and she isn't really a trainer from Sweden but a rookie cop from L.A. She's working at a Manhattan health club to help the feds nail an elusive, covert drug lord. In order to do so, she must infiltrate his world by becoming his trainer.

In the hope of acquiring information that might help her mission, Gabi befriends one of the drug lord's soldiers, the tormented, handsome Paul Medina. Unfortunately, the closer she gets to him, the more feelings she develops for him. Soon, she feels so strongly that she starts to question whether she has what it takes to destroy the brutal drug lord and his empire in which the body count increases by the day...

NOTE: This is the second edition of this book and it was previously entitled Undercover Lovers. It contains no graphic sex scenes.

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