Guardian’s Rise by Vivienne Mathews

Guardian’s Rise by Vivienne MathewsGuardian's Rise by Vivienne Mathews
Series: The Sons of Masguard #2
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 249

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A battle is lost.

A pirate lay dying.

And deep in the caverns of a moving island, a sleeping guardian is about to wake.

With the life of a helpless child and the fate of the Secoran Kingdom hanging in the balance, Captain Marshall and McKinley the Marauder must pit themselves against an ancient force even more terrifying than an army of the dead. Their strength, their morality, and their willingness to sacrifice are put to the test in a pulse-pounding sequence of mysteries as they fight to uncover the truth and escape the malicious island of Mosque Hill with their lives intact. But their troubles have only just begun.

War is coming to the Bannered Shore.

And time is running out.

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