Her New Reign by L.A. Long

Her New Reign by L.A. LongHer New Reign by L.A. Long
Series: Immortal Reign #1
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 172

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A Powerful Witch. A Flirty Faerie. A Shy Reaper. A Dangerous Dragon Shifter. A Feisty Heroine.

Mera has always been an overachiever who's had her entire life planned. On the morning of her 18th birthday, she wakes up surrounded by three gorgeous guys. And not just any guys. Immortals. A witch. A faerie. A reaper. They have one last chance to get a human to fall in love with them before they are condemned to enduring torture. When a dragon shifter joins the group, the rules change, but Mera is a new queen in a world so dangerous she might not survive long enough to save them or fall in love.

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