His Every Whim by Liliana Rhodes

His Every Whim by Liliana RhodesHis Every Whim by Liliana Rhodes
Series: His Every Whim #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 127

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"I couldn't let her disappear from my life like that. I wanted more of her."

Curvy Ashley Monroe is having a string of bad luck. Jobless and sleeping on her friend's couch, she takes a waitressing job at an event at the prestigious Boone Art Gallery. While there, she's told one thing--stay away from the mysterious and brooding man sitting by himself. Easier said than done for Ashley who finds herself inexplicably drawn to the gorgeous stranger.

After spending the evening doing things she normally wouldn't--like letting herself be seduced by this enigmatic man she only knows as Xander--she unknowingly opens her world up to the lavish lifestyle of beautiful mansions, fast cars, and expensive clothes. Because when billionaire Xander Boone sees something he wants, he gets it.

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