His First His Second by A.D. Davies

His First His Second by A.D. DaviesHis First His Second by A.D. Davies
Series: Alicia Friend Investigation #1
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 404

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Meet Detective Sergeant Alicia Friend. She’s nice. Too nice to be a police officer, if she’s honest.

Now the annoyingly-perky detective finds herself in the grip of a northern British winter, investigating the kidnap-murders of two young women.

When a third is taken, Alicia has less than a week to chip away the secrets of a high-society family, and uncover the killer’s objective.

But Richard - the father of the latest victim - believes the police are not moving quickly enough, so launches a parallel investigation, utilising skills honed in a dark past that is about to catch up with him.

As Richard’s secret actions hinder the police, the clock is ticking until another innocent person dies, and Alicia will be forced into choices that will impact the rest of her life.

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