Hooked by K.C. Falls

Hooked by K.C. FallsHooked by K.C. Falls
Series: WET #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 308

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Having endured the last year of her life neck deep in a 'Hell's Kitchen' pace of life at the prestigious Topanga restaurant, Lara Lamb is fed up, tired and ready for something new. Taking a chance, she accepts a job as the Chef aboard the yacht 'El Lobo', an opulent ship destined for uncertain ports with a friendly crew and a handsome player of an owner who has both a chip - and a monkey - on his shoulder. Morgan Wolf is everything Lara is trying to get away from: rich, spoiled rotten, oozing sex appeal and so sure of himself it makes her skin itch, even as she shivers.

Morgan is ready for a life with meaning, something other than pain or, worse, boredom. He's tired of a lot of things about himself including what he knows Lara instantly hates. He is determined to make his future different. He's on his way to take on his share of his family's legacy and make peace with the unthinkable trauma of his emotionally crippling past. When Lara strolls onto his yacht he realizes that she is everything he's avoided . . . and the one person who might be able to calm his damaged soul and give his heart a home, if he can convince her his bad boy ways are behind him.

A rare and potentially deadly encounter with a blue marlin's blade begins an adventure that soon has Morgan fighting for his life. It's a battle of body and will as he struggles to contain the demons his fever unchains in his dangerous memories. Thrust into the role of medic, Lara is in uncharted waters. She finds out how raw and compelling an injured man's soul can be as this love story evolves a novel of romantic suspense that will leave you thirsty for more.

This is the first in the WET Romantic Adventure Series. It is a five chili hot erotic romance told from alternating points of view. Sizzling scenes are intended only for adults who enjoy that sort of thing.

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