Hyrn by Simon Kewin

Hyrn by Simon KewinHyrn by Simon Kewin
Series: The Cloven Land Trilogy #0.5
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 100

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Some wounds are too wide to heal...

The world changes one bright morning in spring. The ageing king of Angere turns to necromancy to prolong his existence, and the price of dark magic is paid in innocent lives. The land descends into chaos as loyalties are tested and friends become bitter foes.

For Black Meg, eldest witch of Angere, time is desperately short. She receives a vision from Hyrn, the horned man of the woods. The future is worse than anything she could have imagined. But Hyrn also shows her an answer, a way out.

It’s a terrible and desperate path. But the free people of Angere have no choice but to take it...

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