Integral by Adam Thielen

Integral by Adam ThielenIntegral by Adam Thielen
Series: Visceral #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 324

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Matthias is a vampire, tranquil and drained of emotion and color. Frank is crass, boisterous, and as full of life as he was before he turned. One is a vampire without a past, and the other is tormented by his.

When a murder in the Midwest threatens a fragile peace between man and nocturnal, the two men are forced to work together to bring one of their own to justice. But their investigation raises more questions than it answers, and when a deadly mage escapes from a university that imprisons gifted youth, the two are tasked with recovering the girl before more blood is spilt.

Beset by a mysterious mercenary company, a towering system of corruption, and their own selfish natures, Frank and Matthias must overcome their differences to survive the blistering light and the engulfing night.

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