Into the Wasteland by Lisa Shea

Into the Wasteland by Lisa SheaInto the Wasteland by Lisa Shea
Series: Ishtato Saga #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 186

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I have been abandoned in a stark landscape. I have no idea who I am or why I've been cast out. My only protection is a Ruger double-action revolver. I discover if I can make it through the no-man's-land alive, I might have a chance at amnesty. All I have to do is trek the two-hundred-and-fifty miles north through desolate wasteland to the Gate. Alone.

I could say this is the worst day of my life, but I honestly have no idea.

Into the Wasteland follows one young woman's journey through treacherous landscapes, backstabbing strangers, and lethal challenges. If she survives, her path will lead her to a final destination beyond anything she could have imagined.

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