It Begins With the End by L.A. Warren

It Begins With the End by L.A. WarrenIt Begins With the End by L.A. Warren
Series: Vendel Rising #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 202

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New Terra Histories by Malita s'Lissa s'vlor

"To understand your enemies, you must first let go of your hatred. Only then may you forgive. Only then may you understand."

May 31, 2136

The day the Vendel invaded my world is a memory that never leaves me. It's the day I lived. The day I died. It's the day everything changed. I was defeated and broken. They destroyed me.

I hated them. I didn't want to forgive them. I didn't care to understand them. All I wanted was my revenge. What I got instead was something I never imagined possibleā€¦

Emperor Gregor Ulysses vlor'Malita claims to have our interests in mind, humanity's interests that is, and perhaps there is a kernel of truth in that statement. Earth, as it turns out, is but a small fraction of humanity.

But Saviors?

How do you justify that to the dead? How do we, the survivors, wrap our minds around that? We live with the impossible loss of everything and everyone we knew, but more than the collar, or the boot steps which announce the inevitable arrival of my vlor' master, one idea terrifies me.

What if the Vendel are right?

Are they, in fact, our saviors?

This is how my story beginsā€¦