Kalis by James Eggebeen

Kalis by James EggebeenKalis by James Eggebeen
Series: White Assassin #1
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 102

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Can anyone truly see life through the eyes of another?
The secretive Brotherhood practices an ancient magic that transforms the eyes of the dead into a powerful magical talisman that lets them access the skills and abilities of their owners. They are shunned and feared wherever they go.

Kalis has taken refuge in an abandoned church and played the part of an ordinary citizen for years, but when his young friend comes to him with news of her mother’s death, he breaks his mask and seeks revenge on her behalf. When the killer destroys Kalis’ home, he’s left with the eyes of a killer and an abandoned child who needs his help.

Kalis’ only hope is to fabricate a new set of eyes before the killer takes over his soul, but when he’s injured he has to rely on Sasti to help him. He learns too late that the killer had a special fondness for little girls that invades Kalis’ dreams and his every waking moment.

If Sasti can’t finish his new eyes for Kalis, he will have to choose between the eyes of a killer and blindness. That is, if he can fight back the urges long enough to coach her through the process.

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