Lost City by Jeffrey M. Poole

Lost City by Jeffrey M. PooleLost City by Jeffrey M. Poole
Series: Tales of Lentari #1
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 304

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People have searched for the lost city of Nar for centuries, dedicating their lives and their entire fortunes in a desperate attempt to lay claim to fabled treasures, weapons, and technology far superior than any in existence today. When a mysterious mark appears on the back of a dwarf it offers tantalizing clues which suggest the city might be finally within reach.

Breslin, whom we first met in Prophecy (Bakkian Chronicles #1) returns to join an expedition headed Topside to look for answers. Together they must track down creatures thought to be extinct, try to infiltrate the nest of a rare dragon, and then assemble an ancient relic which no one knows how to use.

Join in on the fun as five dwarves - and one dragon - attempt to solve the most unusual treasure hunt anyone has ever seen!

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