Lured To The Bear Commune by Ema Zane

Lured To The Bear Commune by Ema ZaneLured To The Bear Commune by Ema Zane
Series: Kodiak Commune #1
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 46

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Miranda Zane has never been ashamed of her size. But now, even though she’s graduating at the top of her nursing class, anti-fat attitudes are affecting her job prospects.

In a moment of weakness, she decides to investigate weight-loss options. Her best friend Samantha has found a promising one: an all-expenses-paid, year-long study in Alaska … at a commune full of hot lumberjacks.

That sounds intriguing, to say the least. But Miranda forgets all about lumberjacks when she sees the doctors in charge of the study. No-nonsense Carver Rockwell, with his tattoos, beard, and brown eyes dark as pools of water on a moonless night … and Andrei Fedorov, whose permanently wicked smile hints at the depths beneath his polished surface.

Miranda’s more than willing to go to Alaska if it means more time with the hot doctors--especially since Sam qualifies too, so the besties can go together. But once they arrive, Miranda learns there’s far more to the study than she was told. And for her part, she hasn’t been completely honest with the men, either.

Will their mutual deceptions destroy their deepening attraction? Or will this very big girl find happiness with not one, but two gorgeous men who are far more than they appear?

***This bear shifter romance is the first story in the Kodiak Commune serial. It is NOT a full story and contains a Cliffhanger. Stories should be read in order***