Marked By The Alpha Wolf by Scarlett Grove

Marked By The Alpha Wolf by Scarlett GroveMarked By The Alpha Wolf by Scarlett Grove
Series: Braving Darkness #1
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 150

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Cassandra Kline was taken in by Pyramid Corporation during a global nuclear war. For the next five years, she lived safely inside a protective domed city.
Working in The Program, a virtual reality simulation, Cassie is confronted by her dead mother. After a shocking revelation about the people she believed had saved her, the hologram of her mother leads her out of the dome and into a toxic, dead world.
Rafe, the alpha of a mutant werewolf pack, takes her in and helps her come to terms with the new world they share.
With zombie attacks, alien spaceships patrolling the skies, and the ever-present struggle to survive, will Cassie and Rafe consummate their budding attraction? Or will they be torn apart, body and soul.