Meows, Magic & Murder by Madison Johns

Meows, Magic & Murder by Madison JohnsMeows, Magic & Murder by Madison Johns
Series: Lake Forest Witches #1
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Paranormal
Pages: 258

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Petunia Patterson’s life was turned upside down when she discovered a body in her new neighbor, Noah Becker's back yard. It’s bad enough that her cat, Pansy, had gotten into his house—especially when Pansy wasn’t a cat at all, but Jeremy Walters, a man she gave a love potion to, which transformed him into a cat.

Soon Petunia was a person of interest and she teams up with Noah to clear her name when all the evidence points to Petunia. If they don’t figure who the Knitting Needle Killer was, and soon, would she be the one that would have to answer for the crimes?

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