Mistaken Identity by Sierra Rose

Mistaken Identity by Sierra RoseMistaken Identity by Sierra Rose
Series: Mistaken Identity #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 218

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What do you do when you’re in way over your head? That’s the position I found myself in after agreeing to attend a party as my twin sister. She's a bestselling author. Emily can’t do public appearances to save her life due to panic attacks. I was supposed to only do ONE appearance as her to help save the failing publishing house she works for.

I kind of hooked up with a gorgeous author while I was there. His name is Max. I know! Bad idea since I’m not Emily! But I couldn’t deny the sizzling connection between us.

Fans loved our chemistry and have been clamoring for more of us. Book sales are soaring and now the publisher has the perfect publicity stunt to help save the company. They want us to pretend like we’re a hot couple. I’m digging myself deeper and deeper into this hole. I need to come clean and tell everyone I’m not Emily. But when I look into Max’s eyes…I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I’m so screwed!

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