Murder & Mayhem by K.P. Stafford

Murder & Mayhem by K.P. StaffordMurder & Mayhem by K.P. Stafford
Series: Cryptic Cove Cozy Mystery Series #1
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery
Pages: 124

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Within twenty-four hours, Alexis Danforth's world is shattered.
She loses her parents and her job.

Rummaging through the attic she discovers family secrets and returns to her hometown of Cryptic Cove; a quiet, sleepy little town perched above the sea.

The disappearance and death of an elderly couple sets the town on edge. Accusations fly. The past is dredged up. Bodies are found.

Some even question her return and the timing of the murders.

As she joins the town constable to help solve the case, she finds herself attracted to her main suspect, Jake Donovan.
Jake is handsome, charming, and secretive. Is he a threat to her or just a threat to her heart?

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