Native Shifter by Cindy Borgne

Native Shifter by Cindy BorgneNative Shifter by Cindy Borgne
Series: Freedom Shifters #1
Genres: Historical, Paranormal
Pages: 301

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In the 1770's, Leotie waits for the day that Keme will ask her to be his life-bond. If only he didn't believe he's a coward. His father wants him to be a warrior, but he hates it. So what if he secretly trains to be a healer? He's so much more interesting than the other young men.

Then one day, outlanders come and give her people an ultimatum - to leave their home or die. Soon her tribe is going to war with an unpredictable enemy. Leotie wasn't born to stay home and string beads. She's a hunter and a warrior who gets a chance to defend her people. She goes out into the battle, but doesn't make it back. At least, not as a human. Leotie comes back to life as something quite different. Her tribe calls them skin walkers. The outlanders call them werewolves. She fears what Keme will think of her now. Someone did this to her, but who?

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