Night of Wolves by David Dalglish

Night of Wolves by David DalglishNight of Wolves by David Dalglish
Series: The Paladins #1
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 218

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Can faith remain when the gods call for blood?

Wolf-men, savage creatures given humanoid form in an ancient war, mass along the Gihon River. Led by their packleader Redclaw, they seek to cross the river and claim a land of their own, slaughtering those that would stand in their way. Two paladins, Jerico of the god Ashhur, and Darius of the god Karak, must helm the desperate defense against the invasion. Their friendship will be tested as their gods resume an unending war, and their very faiths call for the death of the other. Together, friend or foe, they must face Redclaw's horde.

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