Obsidian by Kayla Curry

Obsidian by Kayla CurryObsidian by Kayla Curry
Series: Mystic Stones #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 321

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It turns out the first guy I date in a long time is a vampire. Not just any vampire, but an important one who is determined to help his vampire-run company take over the world.

They've already started phase one by taking out all modern technology with a virus that spreads to any device connected to the internet. Of course, they haven't revealed their identity to the public yet, but my fellow islanders are already panicked as our isolation makes food scarce.

How do I know Psytechs plan before all the other humans of the world? Well, that date I mentioned ended up kidnapping me and attempting to turn me. Before escaping, I learned as much as I could about what they were and how they were taking over.

Their plan: Deprive humans of technology, let us twist in the wind, then force us to give our blood freely in exchange for virus blockers.

My plan: Load up with obsidian, use it to kill the vampires taking over our island, and take the virus blockers by force.

Of course, finding out that I'm not exactly human can mess up any agenda.

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