Once Called Magic by Lexel J. Green

Once Called Magic by Lexel J. GreenOnce Called Magic by Lexel J. Green
Series: The Oconic Gates #1
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 295

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One man will betray an Empire. But who?

Will it be celebrated Caster-Colonel Lokke de Calvas, commander of a legion known as the Old Hundredth? When a grisly murder thrusts him into a battle he’s unprepared and ill-equipped for, Lokke struggles to reconcile his honour with the demands of duty.

Will it be Ember Cobb, ex-caster and grouchy merc? Hiding from his past in the northern wilds, he joins up with a band of Empire-hating separatists, uncovering a world he never knew existed and magical enemies he never imagined in his darkest nightmares.

Or will it be Tydek Mordume, the scheming lawman who will do anything to get what he wants? And what he wants is to become the most powerful man in the Empire. What he wants is to start a war.

Three men. Seven days. The fate of an Empire hangs in the balance.

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