Paroxysm Effect by Ashleigh Reynolds

Paroxysm Effect by Ashleigh ReynoldsParoxysm Effect by Ashleigh Reynolds
Series: Paroxysm #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 278

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The chip was supposed to suppress anger and violence. The world would be at peace. For forty-eight years that was true. And then one day it wasn't...

Gemi finds herself tumbling into chaos when the world suddenly succumbs to the madness of repressed emotions, only to be rescued by a group of military personnel.

With no knowledge of what is causing the malfunction, it becomes a race against time and the population to make it back to the military base in one piece.

Paroxysm Effect is a fast paced, heart-stopping journey that will leave you wondering who is safe to trust when the world is going crazy.

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